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(2012-10-06, 03:01)kingemp Wrote: I've never applied a patch before with git. Could someone point me to a resource or walk me through how to apply Xingchao's patch from #446?

I can try and help you.. well at least point you in the right direction. I know how to patch them against openelec.

Firstly there are 2 patches in post #446 one against alsa and one against the linux kernel. The kernel one is outdated and has been replaced by 3 new patches.

I don't know how you are supposed to name the patches but I will list how they are named in OpenElec I assume it is the same.

Patch for Alsa:

Paste the patch from #446, paste from this line "From Commit:47b54a7 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001" to the end of that post.

In Openelec this file is named "alsa-lib-1.0.26-002-Fix-wrong-CTLINDEX-for-HBR-stream.patch" It has to be named according to which version of alsa you are using. here alsa is version 1.0.26 and the file goes in /your/git/cloned/folder/packages/audio/alsa-lib/patches

Patches for the Kernel:

You want the 3 patches from post #467. Here are the direct links:

Patch#1 in OpenElec this file is named "linux-3.6-999.21-hdmi-fix_channel_allocation_array_wrong_order.patch"
Patch#2 in OpenElec this file is named "linux-3.6-999.22-HDMI-Enable_HBR_feature_on_Intel_chips.patch"
Patch#3 in OpenElec this file is named "linux-3.6-999.23-HDMI-Setup_channel_mapping_for_non_pcm_audio.patch"

With the 3 links above when you open the links the patch is displayed. Firstly click the "--" at the bottom of the text to expand the whole patch. Now copy and paste all the text into a file (seperate file for each) and name them as above. These patches are found in OpenElec in the following directory: /your/git/cloned/folder/packages/linux/patches

Again these have to be named as per your kernel in above example I am running kernel 3.6 ie if you are running kernel 3.2.0 then they would read "linux-3.2.0-999.21-hdmi-fix_channel_allocation_array_wrong_order.patch" etc etc

Hope this helps, good luck
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