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LOL, the welcoming committee Smile At least someone actually replied! So thanks for that!
(2013-01-10, 00:41)uNiversal Wrote: What remapping?
I quoted Crayden's post above, but here it is in full:
Quote:If this has not already been taken care of can some who's able to look into channel mappings for the AE have a look at this:

basically 7.0 and 7.1 aac audio channels are labled differently even though the actual order is as one would have expected. But the result is as stated in this thread and the channel are outputted in the wrong order. If this is something which should be fixed in the decoder it would be nice if someone can give me a hint where or who'd be the best location to address this issue to. As stated in the thread above LAV and ffdshow (libav) share the same issue. But my guess is that they're decoding it with the defined channel order and names (at least from looking at the LAV status output) but then wrongly map/mix these channels to the actual 7.1 layout.

Otherwise I really love the new AE, just had a minor issue with 24bit 192khz flac playback through spdif where the audio began to stutter, but for me this is less important than the 7.1 channel mapping issue
So thanks a lot for the good work! I really love it.

as a side note: this is a wide spread isse with 7.1 channel aac files as ffdshow and lav have the same issue, too. one of the lav developer already responded to this issue and integrated a fix (remap) for the next lav audio filter.

Quote:What XBMC version do you have? What Hardware have you got these problems on?

As I said Smile
(2013-01-10, 00:31)LastSilmaril Wrote: (openelec on rpi)

I am using OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi (two of them; one model B 256MB, and one Model B 512MB). Update the builds every few days. But you're right that I didn't mention the exact XBMC; sorry. Right now, the version of XBMC being used is 12.0-RC2 Git:c0320c2 (Compiled: Dec 28, 2012).

My exact problem right now is that I'm getting no output whatsoever with 7.1 AAC audio, in any container. But the only problem I've seen reported is the wrongly-mapped channels. I was thinking that they may be linked.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

EDIT: Here also is the ticket for the channels not being mapped properly bug:

EDIT2: Problem persists with XBMC 12.0-RC3 acfe70f (compiled today) and the latest OpenELEC build.
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