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I'm not sure if I'm in the right place or not, and am hoping I can somehow confirm the cause of my problem here with some help... I recently upgraded both my XBMC PCs (a Q6600 Quad Core w/ GT210 and an Atom/ION) from Eden to Frodo, and on both I'm having issues with audio. They are both doing the same thing - essentially unless I set it to passthrough audio for all codecs, I get no audio and the video plays at 4 FPS. Problem is I don't want to use passthrough audio (having to use a second remote just for volume control is a pain to say the least, and my ION PC is just directly connected to a TV which doesn't support the majority of those codecs anyway). I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 on both PCs, and they are both using the 195.36.24 nVidia drivers. I figured the only thing that has changed from Eden to Frodo was that it's using AudioEngine now, so figured that would be the most logical place to start (although I'm also suspect of the problem being that I'm running an older version of Ubuntu and old drivers perhaps).

Here is my debug log off my GT210 PC. I disabled all the pass through audio settings that I used to have disabled before updating to Frodo, started a video I knew was going to give me the problem (no audio, 4 FPS frame rate), stopped it, then re-enabled all the passthrough audio settings, and played it again (without any issues). If needed I can run through more stuff if it'll help...

I have tried changing the Audio Output in XBMC from "HDMI" to "Analog" and disabling the passthrough audio settings, but the issue was still present. I'm hoping someone can give me an idea of a starting point to fix this... I'm completely out of ideas (it didn't take long to run through all my ideas to be honest haha)
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