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Dreambox for XBMC:)
For the Dreambox od Dbox2 owners it is very easy TV to stream to XBMC on the Apple TV2. If Dreambox/Dbox2 is running, only the tuned channel will be streamd to the Apple TV.
It is best to put the Dreambox / Dbox2 in stand-by mode, only then it is possible to zap channels on your XBMC.

In XMBC menu, click on “Videos” and click “Add Source”. New Source: choose “tuxbox”.

Type in:
tuxbox :/ / [username]: [password] @ [IP address Dreambox]: [Web port] / web

tuxbox :/ / username: [email protected]: 80/web

Give the source a name like “Dreambox”

Now you can watch TV channels on your Apple TV and also change channels!

This is ideal for people who own Dreambox or Dbox2 eg in the living room and Apple TV in another room.
Im sure this has been posted before. But thanks. =)
Also you wont get an epg using this method.
before he had to use the plugin, not nowSmile

Dreambox for XBMC:)00