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xbmc pvr epg W7 problem
(2012-04-19, 15:15)CakeM1x Wrote: That's another concern. I'm in the USA but I see a lot of posts regarding mediaportal epg outside of the USA and not so much in it.

Ok - that explains it! The US does not use DVB-T, so there may be no embedded EPG in the data streams. I see from subsequent posts that you are going down the XMLTV route - probably the best option.
I may have mis-read, are you just trying to download the EGP for OTA broadcasts, or are you trying to pull the EPG without an internet connection?
(2012-04-20, 01:10)CakeM1x Wrote: It created a .xml and .dat file after first run, no dtd file

Hey Cake,

Sorry, I confused myself without looking at my own config, you are correct, running the .exe only creates the .xml and .dat the .dtd file can be found here

You will have to save it into a text editor like notepad and save it as all files(not as a text file) and add the .dtd extension

Finally epg is coming in after adding the dtd file. Now I just need to map the channels to the correct ones in the options in mediaportal. Do I need to do this step so it keeps refreshing the epg data?

Start->Control Panel->Scheduled Tasks->Add Scheduled Task (Press Next)
Browse and Select C:\mc2xml\mc2xml.exe
Select daily -> Next
Set desired time -> Next
Set computer username/password -> Next
Check "Open Advanced Properties when I click finish", and click Finish, and set these options (modify paths if necessary):

Also is there any easy way to match up the channels?
And for some reason the channels are showing up twice in xbmc
Alrighty, fixed the multiple channel issue. Now just wondering if there is a way to map these channels easily to the selections within mediaportal server?
Well I pretty much got all the channels mapped except one. My god was this one of the more difficult things I've done. Setting up Exchange/Sharepoint/etc is easier to do in a corporate environment than this shit. Why is it this hard?
Hello all, found this to be the first useful thread to solve the .dtd file mystery, but now I'm getting this error from NextPVR:

"object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Any suggestions?

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