iOS - Which Skin for Best Performance?
Hi All,
I've recently purchased an ATV2, got the jailbreak and XBMC installed with no probs so the only thing I am waiting for now is a PVR build that works on 5.1.

The only thing I don't like is that the menu isn't particularly responsive. I'm running the Rapier skin, ideally i'd like to stick with it so it matches my other OpenELEC HTPC but it takes ages to flick through my library when on my HTPC it's lightning fast. I've tried disabling fanart etc, which made a small difference, but it's still a bit tedious. The actual video performance is fine, it's just the menus that are lagging.

Are there any other skins out there that will run faster, or any other tweaks i can do to Rapier to make it zippier? Thanks!

There are plenty of other threads about that topic, for example this one:

But to answer your questions:
Confluence (default skin)

I also noticed that you can increase the performance by disabling fan art and automatic plot scrolling.
I've tried numerous, and keep coming back to Confluence at the end of the day. Seems the snappiest, next to Quartz (though if I recall, that one was somewhat bare ... unless I'm thinking of another one). One thing I'd love though is the ability to set all "View List" options the same way vs having to go into each page and change it. I.e., if you want to view everything via Thumbnail for say Free Cable plug in, you have to manually change each page you enter and it's quite annoying.
Lots of addons, mostly those at the hub have settings that will allow you to select the default view. But you will need to know the view mode number you want.
Best one, and keep getting back is Rapier (Quolar Mode)
Out of sheer boredom I just tried Rapier and now Quartz. Rapier looks awesome, but compared to Confluence and Quartz is much slower (slight delays when exiting menus).

Quartz is certainly the snappiest I've used, just very plain vanilla. But has the best "performance" if by that you mean quick.

Confluence IMO just looks better and is still faster than most.
i'd stick with Confluence. i also tried Rapier and experience the same lag in the menu. you can also try SLiK. it's a very lightweight skin and very good performance.
Quartz. The end.
(2012-04-15, 05:30)PainToad Wrote: Quartz. The end.

(2012-04-15, 06:46)westcoastbias Wrote:
(2012-04-15, 05:30)PainToad Wrote: Quartz. The end.


Is there a substitute/ replacement or update for Quartz today? I am using OSMC Kodi 2016 Jan release on ATV 1
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