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WP7 XBMC Remove App
Hi all,

What is the best app to browse your collection and use as a remote? There's so many and they even have the same name!

Has someone tried them all and have some sort of guide / results of their tests?

The best way to find your Favorit app is to install the test versions and try them out yourself. That's what I did to find the right one. I like the Possibility to try out the apps before to buy them on WP7 :-)

My Favorit App is because of the really well working remote functions.
Check out

What are you missing in the tested apps?
I don't miss any functions within the other Apps but I like the Remote feature of the App I'm using. No matter where you are in the UI you are able to display the Remote buttons with one click.
In additional I like also the possibility to switch to a gesture pad instead of buttons for navigation.

I tested your App too and it's also a great one! But there is no need to buy 2 Apps with nearly the same functionality ;-)


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