Release Re-Touched (touch screen skin for 16x9 and 4x3)
Hey Jezz_X, great skin. I am testing on a 22" 16:9 1080P touch screen jukebox. So far, I have tested the most with VEVO addon and it overall is awesome. A couple of smaller issues/suggestions.

1. In VEVO, when you go from screen to screen it does not "save" the thumbnail view and always defaults to list.
2. If we could get a fav on the main left menu on the home page would be great. Meaning I could label something like "Music Videos" and it would go into the VEVO addon. I realize at this time I can hit the addons button in the top right, but a main menu option would be preferred.
3. It seems a little buggy in the following sequence. Play a music video, while the video is playing go back to browse for a new video, then either pick a new video or hit the now playing to go back to the video that is currently playing. You have to hit the "fullscreen" option to get the video feed back going and the video "fast forwards" to catch the audio.
4. It seems when playing music videos with the VEVO addon if you hit the "CD" icon it will only stay within the VEVO app which is good, but makes it difficult or confusing on how you get back to your albums.
5. Obviously it would be awesome for my application if you could not only queue up music, but have a "playlist" showing somewhere on the screen so it has more of a juke box feel, but that may be out of scope for what you are trying to do.
6. I am not in front of it at the moment, but want to say there was not a volume adjustment when playing albums. There is for video feeds (VEVO and Movies).

Again, thanks so much for this awesome skin. Can't wait to youtube this beast after I get a few more tweaks done.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
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