Release Re-Touched (touch screen skin for 16x9 and 4x3)
(2012-07-20, 21:38)Jezz_X Wrote: heh I got
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guess I'll try again another time

it is up now.

Basically it is an Openpeak touch screen device with an an ARM processor badged as an O2 Joggler.

They werent very successful in the UK due to poor support from O2 but they have a very active hacking community (at the above link), O2 eventually sold them off at £50 (a bargain considering the specs)

It can boot from USB and can happily run both Linux and Windows thanks to the hacking community, along with loads of other apps that run within the Openpeak environment.

With regards XBMC and the re-touched skin, they are almost a match made in the heaven, the one small issue is that the Joggler doesn't support gestures, if there were scroll bars on the dialog mentioned (and any other similar ones) it would be perfect.

This skin has already become the default skin for the device but this one last thing would be the icing on the cake (someone has even nominated you for a free Joggler on the Joggler forums for creating this skin!!)
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