Release Re-Touched (touch screen skin for 16x9 and 4x3)
Well, we have about 1000 HP laptops, 2000 Desktops and 1500 Windows Embedded Thin Clients in our company.
And my team and I a responsible for the software + OS deployment.
The ElitePads we got from HP are for 1 year to test its functionality. But we all know what happens after that 1 year ;-)
And I must say that I am very impressed by it's building quality, great and robust hardware.
But Windows 8 Pro on a native tablet (w/o mouse and keyboard) is a whole other story.
I am a real Windows guy for more that 15 years now, and yes, I also use an iPad at home.
After a few days working with the ElitePad I was done with it. I just can't get to get used to it.
I also have Win8 on my desktop, no problems there.
So indeed not the fault of HP, great device, but Windows 8 has still a long way to go.....

And for the HP laptops, no problems there, But we use the corporate models (6550b,6560b,6570b, 2540p, 2560p)
But then new design of the keyboards with the arrow/direction keys so close together is the worst decision ever made in keyboard design!!!!! You just can't feel on which arrow key your finger is anymore.
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