Release Re-Touched (touch screen skin for 16x9 and 4x3)
Hello guys, I am new on this forum and lets start right here why i joined.
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This some sort of report i made about my netvertible (netbook-tablet hybrid, whatever). I tried various skins previously, but most of them caused trouble when I tried to move or scroll certain objects. Re-Touch does not suffer with such trouble...

I would like to highlight following:
a) Play/pause is almost always available.
b) Volume control
c) Battery indicator
d) Very nice touchscreen keyboard

Few bugs:
- When playing video and I select "XBMC icon" in left upper corner, sound of video keeps playing, however its not possible to return to the play screen. In order to do so, I have to click on the video again.
- Slovak translation needs few adjustments... I can help with it once I make some notes...

Feature requests:
- Wifi network indicator
Most tablets work on WIFI. When I was trying to download some addons, i didnt noticed that link was down.

- support for CD/DVD drive
I know that this skin is designed for tablets without optical drive, but it would be nice to have such possibility

- live TV support
Not sure if tablets have enough computing power to display it, but my netbook has TV tuner of its own, so everything is just a matter of frontend configuration. For now I can setup DVB link, and its PVR module available in "Programs" menu, but only as a Trial.

- "Hide Cursor" option
Mostly for "Pictures". Its possible to use gestures to scroll across the pictures. Few times I wanted to make a presentation via projector, but the cursor was always on screen. So I had to use "laptop mode" and mouse.

Great job and thanks.
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