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(2015-05-29, 09:37)sea3pea0 Wrote: Thanks for a great skin. Definitely the best touch screen skin I've used. I use this skin on a windows all-in-one touch screen pc that I have mounted on the wall. I want to change the functionality of the power button on the home menu. Since this skin is running on a PC I want the button to suspend the computer. I was looking around through the xml files and I found this in Home.xml in both 16X9 and 4X3:

I thought that changing Quit to Suspend would work, but no luck. Any chance someone can point me in the right direction?


Trying changing that code to:


I'm not sure if this is correct, (I'm def a noob). But I searched in the Confluence skin folder, and this is the command it uses for the "Suspend" button.
You can check it out in the DialogButtonMenu.XML file in the 720p folder of the skin.
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