iPad - Can I get some iPad users to test this for me

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Jezz_X Offline
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Basically its a skin that's a modified version of the default Touched so you get all the same functionality plus some
Thanks if you do
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petertosh Offline
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Very nice, fast enough for me on iPad2 (iOS 5.0.1). Looks more polished compared to the original touched. Thanks a lot.
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stourwalk Offline
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I watch that video - and wish my ATV has a touch screen! :-(
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danfozzy Offline
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Works like a dream on my iPad 2, no lag what so ever! Looking amazing, not come across an snags with the 30 mins I played with it
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dazex Offline
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Really nice there Jezz_X. I like it and it's fast. I'll post if I see any issues.
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Th3avatar Offline
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I have installed it and compared it to the original Touched skin.
For now I can say that the original runs way faster on iPad 2, 4.3.3
For iOS 5 users, there shouldn't be any difference because the UI is extra hardware accelerated due to unknown reason by apple.
Although I have to admit it really looks nicer compared to the original one.
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