[iPad] Can I get some iPad users to test this for me
Basically its a skin that's a modified version of the default Touched so you get all the same functionality plus some
Thanks if you do
Very nice, fast enough for me on iPad2 (iOS 5.0.1). Looks more polished compared to the original touched. Thanks a lot.
I watch that video - and wish my ATV has a touch screen! :-(
Works like a dream on my iPad 2, no lag what so ever! Looking amazing, not come across an snags with the 30 mins I played with it
Really nice there Jezz_X. I like it and it's fast. I'll post if I see any issues.
I have installed it and compared it to the original Touched skin.
For now I can say that the original runs way faster on iPad 2, 4.3.3
For iOS 5 users, there shouldn't be any difference because the UI is extra hardware accelerated due to unknown reason by apple.
Although I have to admit it really looks nicer compared to the original one.
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Can I get some iPad users to test this for me00