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AppleTV 2 (black) - Double button in remote control for pause/play music

Yesterday, while I was "playing" with xbmc eden in my ATV2, I found that if I am in fullscreen playing music and push the sellect button once I can pause the music. The same exists if I push the other play/pause button. Is there a reasson for this? I mean, can I remap the select button so to have, for example, the info displayed ?("i" key of the keyboard). I know that I can remap keys, I am just asking why it hasn't been done by default. Is there a limitation of the ATV remote control of the spesific button?
You can remap those buttons to anything you want. The project is very open and you have the freedom and flexibility to do want you want. The purpose of this post is to answer your question that it is possible. And there are quite a number of threads that hashes out in detail how to do it. Give it a quick search as I am not able to hotlink one for you at the moment.

Double button in remote control for pause/play music00