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brianlabs Offline
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I got a weird problem with XBMC 11 "Eden". I've added my TV Shows folder (Videos\Serien) and he has added all series, but he takes from every show only the first season.

My naming is like this "Serien\Lie to Me\Season 1\Lie to Me.S01E01.avi"

On some shows he doesn't even take one season, he just add's the show and that's it. For Example "Lie to Me" or "Human Target".

Also there is a problem that only appears on "The Big Bang Theory". He has added "Season 1", but only the first two episodes and in the folder are 17, so there are 15 that are missing in XBMC.

I've tried this settings here but they didn't helped in any way.

Does anyone have an solution for my problem?
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plutow Offline
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I had the same problem. I tried a lot of thing, and it seems that some series need to be named exactly like on tvdb. You can do that with or

I had to select every episode by hand, and now i see the episodes in xbmc.

Hope it helps.
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jmarshall Offline
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Debug Log during a refresh of one of the shows in question will show you the reason.

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