No Cover Art showing for TV Shows?
In TV Shows Only - No Cover Art shows up - Movies is fine. I've been through all the settings several times - don't think I'm missing anything? Never had this issue before and don't have any issues if I switch the Skin to other skins (Confluence, Night etc). I prefer POSTERS to Banners so have that setting checked off. I have locally stored files scraped via EMM - so have the following in each TV Show folder:
- folder.jpg
- poster.tbn
- seasonXX.tbn
- season-all.tbn

Even tried renaming the poster.tbn to .jpg. No difference. Weird part is - if I go into the INFO screen for each TV Show and go to "Get Thumb" - the poster IS displayed and shows up as both the CURRENT and LOCAL I must be missing something skin specific that's simple as I don't see any other posts on this issue...

Also - for shows with multiple seasons - each Season's Coverart DOES show up once I go into that show and scroll through the this is limited to the initial cover/thumb for each show.


BTW: LOVE this skin...absolutely love it. Have been a NIGHT fan for the past few years...but when I did a new CrystalBuntu install - Night wasn't available as one of the other skins to grab - so downloaded a few and have settled on this one. Very Nice...just need to find some time to do some customization of the background art to display random stuff.
Update: I found another thread that had a similar issue - not quite the same but somebody asked if the user had enabled "banner.jpg". I had "poster.jpg" enabled so tried disabling that - and the TV show posters NOW show up! I don't have "banner.jpg" enabled either though - but if I turn on "poster.jpg - the posters disappear again.

Is it me - or is this option reacting opposite of how it reads?

Like I said - LOVE this skin!

Sidenote: if anyone can advise how to modify the skin/menu to be able to run a python script - let me know. I have a script I can run from Files Manager - but haven't been able to figure out how to get it added to the Main Menu...adding it as a favorite didn't work.

I have the EXACT same problem with this skin! All my banners have disappeared. What I have noticed is that prior to everything disappearing banners were used in place of where posters were used which resulted in pixelated posters which were not appropriated. I have a feeling that what caused this was when I opened TV Guide, then it started pulling TV data and all the banners disappeared. I also experienced the fact that when I go to 'Get thumbnail' - it shows up under current, but it doesnt apply it in the current place. (All i have are banners which are black with the TV Show name in text format)

Will try what you have done later today by disabling poster.jpg. Note that when using the XBMC android remote, all banners for TV Shows appear the way they are supposed to be.

One more issue is that when information is pulled for a series that is incorrect (eg I needed scraping for Touch (2012) but got Touch the anime information scraped off instead - I just cant get the correct poster/fanart to display despite going to TV information and selecting Touch (2012)! - Note that the display on my XBMC Android app for TV Shows shows the current Touch 2012 banner while in XBMC itself the banner is still the original Anime Banner. I rate this is a bug which should be addressed Smile Otherwise, beautiful skin as well!!
Same problem here though that fix didn't work for me. Clearart logos were working perfect for me [View mode: landscape, Icon: Logo]. It stopped working a week or two ago and I've done everything short of a reinstall to fix it. I'll post if I come up with a solution.
(2012-04-22, 00:38)hi_its_me_scott Wrote: Same problem here though that fix didn't work for me. Clearart logos were working perfect for me [View mode: landscape, Icon: Logo]. It stopped working a week or two ago and I've done everything short of a reinstall to fix it. I'll post if I come up with a solution.

i don´t think that this is broken. use git to checkout older revisions and tell us which commit caused the changes.
I still bet though that you´re doing something wrong or your additional media stuff isn´t set up / named correctly.
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I'll check out an older version with git (just gotta google that to find out what it is first Wink )

I switched over the MQ3 and the clearart logos were working.
Nox doesnt use clearart in library views, only in fullscreen video. Logos work when you have season structure, not when every episode is in the root of your show (on episode level, on tvshow level they should just work). If its not working check your debug log.
Is there a tutorial to understanding the debug log or do I need to start learning code?
I gather from the log (posted at the link below) that something is wrong with GetImageHash, yeah?

That first question sounds sarcastic, but I'm serious.
it says it cant find the file, so check if the path is correct and the file is present and if the samba share is accessible at the time.
I'm still researching git, but shouldn't the fact that it works with other skins verify that the paths and accessibility are good? Is there a path setting in Nox that is different from that of the other skins?

Aside from all the learning/familiarizing I want to do this is the last thing that is throwing me off.

Thanks for the help.
I was having this problem too, but wasn't too worried about it since I don't use this setting. I asked about a different problem and Phil65 suggested renaming guisettings.xml. It fixed my problem and I just happened to notice it also fixed this issue. Looks like it threw off a couple of my settings, but it doesn't look like anything that will take long to straighten back out.
Ok, I tried renaming quisettings.xml and that fixed the problem for a day or two. Now it's doing it again. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary in that time.

I keep seeing the text below in the debug, but the server is fine, if I switch to another skin the logos work again.

DEBUG: CTextureCache::GetImageHash - unable to stat url smb://SMITHSERVER/Videos/logo.png
DEBUG: CTextureCache::GetImageHash - unable to stat url smb://SMITHSERVER/Videos/Pam Scott TV/logo.png"

Very confusing. Nox accesses networked storage the same way as other skins, doesn't it?

What if I put a couple of shows on an external drive and plug it directly into the PC xbmc is installed on? That would at least rule out the server wouldn't it? Although if that works I'm not sure what it will solve because I want to keep my shows on the server...
Nox only works with this folder structure:
----Band of Brothers
--------Season 1

Only with the season structure you'll be able to see logos on episode level and only when the tvshows are in separate folders you'll be able to see them on tvshow level.
The log shows that Nox is searching for logo.png on the root and subroot level of your folder structure instead of in the main tvshow root folder.
We'll only support this structure because its very slow to look for artwork in different places. The other skins you mention probably look for artwork in all different places.
My folder structure looks exactly like this except instead of TV SHOWS mine says Pam and Scott TV.

Wouldn't the fact that Nox is looking for the logo in the wrong place mean that it's a problem with my Nox setup?


Folder structure:

As you can see in this one the network, backdrop and rating are still showing up:

When you setup your library did you set the content of the Pam & Scott folder directly as the tv content or is it in a sub folder inside of the directory you set like TV->Pam & Scott TV? Like Big_Noid said above It looks like to me XBMC is seeing your folder as a sub directory and is trying to scan it as a tvshow also. If this is whats happening it would sill pickup the shows in the sub folders but it might cause the trouble you are having.
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