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New User Looking for DIY 1st Build Help
what r the parts u have in hand again?
I have the following to use in ANY manner that you guys think is BEST lol:

- Netbook running an Intel 1.6 GHz with 2 GB RAM - Not being used at all

- Older HP Pavillion Laptop running an AMD Turion with 1 GB RAM - Not being used at all

- XBOX 360 with 250 GB HD - Connected to the home network [used mostly for Netflix]

- ASUS NZXT Case [with 5 in 1 card reader installed in one of the front bays] - Waiting to be used

- MacBook Pro 15" running Quad Core i7 with 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HD [Raid 0] - Used daily as my workhoarse

- Tons of USB storage drives [4 GB - 32 GB sizes]

- 5 - 10 external portable HD [240 - 1 TB sizes]
I just saw this also:

- Fractal Design Arc Midi Black High Performance PC Computer Case w/ USB 3.0 and 3 x Fractal High Performance 140mm fans - $69 Special

With FREE Shipping

I know you are an advocate [I believe] of the Factual cases and this one looks pretty sweet for the $$ [Down from $109 Regular Price]

Do something like that and then use the ASUS NZXT Apollo for the other build or something else altogether.

I know its a GIANT case for a simple XBMC build but the space, look, size concerns of most are moot to me. I really have NO objection to using either of these cases, or anything similar if it is better for what I am trying to accomplish, and sticking it squarely right next to the TV lol.

keep NZXT Apollo for your Server.
i dont see why the need to get a new case for that.

and for HTPC, why not use your old latops?

anyone has HDMI out?
Hey Eskro:

OK - will do that with the Apollo then [I like it anyway haha]

I believe they BOTH have HDMI [I will double check for SURE in a bit].

I was thinking of using one of them - possibly the netbook since its a much newer cpu and more ram. Initially I looked into the older AMD Turion laptop first for it, but it ran really hot and really loud simply plugged in for an extended period of time, so I cant see putting that in a full time position, especially mounted behind the tv. However, the netbook may actually work. It has Windows 7 on it now and runs pretty smooth - even runs VMWare no problem with multiple OS configurations via the VM application.

I guess I could completely strip down the system so it would only have the Win 7 OS with XBMC, and maybe an AV software or something.

Would I have to do anything special with the system to handle the streaming aspect from the NAS that Im going to build?

And it does NOT have an SSD drive, a 160 GB regular HD; but I think it will support an SSD so I can replace the HD on there now for a smaller SSD to handle the OS and for better efficiency and performance.

Would I simply download the XBMC software AS-IS from the web page, or download a Live Distro to a USB and set it up to boot from that?



why not use OpenELEC version of XBMC on your INTEL laptop?
XBMC UI will be fast,
and u can run OpenELEC off of a USB Flash Drive also if u want!
test it out if your Laptop can boot from USB!!
its free to try!

I going to give that a try today Eskro .... THANK YOU for the Great idea

I will keep you posted and let you know how it goes.

Hopefully this solution will work, then I can focus on your unRAID guide for my NAS build and only have to build/ buy really 1 rig at this moment

Go figure lol..... now Im having an issue with the Open ELEC installation files. Everytime I try to create the USB loader the program shuts down and says something about an invalid drive or something with the computer. It happens too fast for me to see it though. Have tried a 4 GB flash card and 3 different USB devices.

Trying to resolve the issue now

your trying to do this from your MAC?

use another win PC
... NO Way lol. I am trying to load the Open ELEC software onto the 1000HA Netbook. It was a sequencing issue that was happening during the installation steps. I figured it out, so that is now taken care of. I HAVE NOW however stumbled onto another issue.


Apparently the Netbook that I had been playing with and preparing to use as the XBMC server with the Open ELEC software has been being used by my wife and is NO LONGER able to be used in the manner we discussed and AS the XBMC server.

So almost BACK to square one guys. I still have the HP Pavillion DV6000 [with AMD Turion 64, 1 GB RAM [est.], and 120 GB HD [can be replaced with smaller SSD if necessary], running Windows XP] that I can try to use as the XBMC server instead of the Netbook, as well as the XBOX 360 [w/ 250 GB HD]. I do have a MacBook Pro [my daily user] that I can use WITH the system but I will not be using it as a CORE Component IN the build of the media setup.

Thinking of trying to place the Open ELEC software on the HP DV6 and set that up as the XBMC server. Hook it up to the home network, and for now just attach a 1 TB HD [filled with Music, TV Shows and Movies] and stream it to the TV's in the house [I have 2 - 1 downstairs and 1 in the bedroom - where the router and modem is located. The XBOX is also hooked up to the router and also to the tv]. Then use the XBOX to get my Netflix, Hulu, etc. Just have to figure out how to use the XBOX or something else to access the data that is stored on the HD attached to the HP DV6, and also how to stream that media to the downstairs tv, and also the media I access via the XBOX [how to stream THAT media ALSO to the downstairs tv].

Then build my NAS using the case I currently own [Asus NZXT Apollo Black] using the A6/ A8 plans I have previously mentioned. The EXACT equipment that will be used in the NAS build will NOW be tied to the XBMC build; so whats what exactly will have to be finalized and determined later I guess.

The REAL issue now is whether I can make the HP DV6 work as the XBMC or not. If I "Cannot" make THAT work then I will have to buy/ build an XBMC server. As I also have to buy/ build my NAS, one is directly going to impact the other.

In THAT case then I will probably have to skimp on the XBMC server and use some modest components instead of the device I WANT to build lol, or just make a purchase and modify it. For example: the new ATV for $99 and jailbreak it and put XBMC on it, then build the NAS and access the NAS with the ATV and stream the media on the NAS to the tv's in the house; and also stream the Netflix, Hulu, etc, from either the XBOX or the ATV to the tv's in the house.

JEEZ............ What a damn mess now. I was ALMOST set in the builds, the equipment, and the design, and the wheels were starting to roll and gain momentum, when ONE thing just CHANGED ALL of that.

So NOW guys I REALLY need your Advice and your Help with what I find myself in. Based on the readings I have done HERE and all the materials I also have read HERE, I know what I WANT to do and almost HOW to do it, but everything has been altered.

So NOW I need to find the BEST, most Effective, and Financially Sound decisions that I can to really ACHIEVE what I need everything to do. It may no longer be EXACTLY what I had initially wanted [equipment wise] but NOW I also have to design and build/ buy an Additional rig. On my own I do NOT think I can do that so anything anyone can do to HELP is MUCH Appreciated [in advance].

THANK YOU Everyone

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