Unable to change rc.local with winscp
I love XBMC , i have three apple TV's 2 window pc and a mac air running it. But my main installation uses a revo 3600. I just updated to eden ubuntu Live. I have several issues but the biggest is that i never got my revo to sleep. I read about chaning the RC.local in the etc dir but I think i never had problems logging in as root with dharma or camelot but with eden i can only log in as xbmc with password xbmc and i don't have permissions to change it? What am i doing wrong?

root is disabled.

log in via ssh (with e.g. putty), then:
sudo  nano /etc/rc.local
I think it worked, gonna test now thx

Edit: Tested , and I can now wake the revo up with the keyboard but when i plug in the infrared receiver in that same port i still does' t work? anyone any ideas?
you need to allow the usb device to wake up too, same as what you probably did with the keyboard device.
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Unable to change rc.local with winscp 00