Blu-Ray ISO with menus?
Hello there,

i have installed XBMCBuntu, it works like a charm! I would now like to play my Blu-Ray ISO files with all the menus and extras. The playback of the main feature works fine but there are no menus or extras. Does anyone know a way to add this maybe with an external application or add-on on Linux / xbmcbuntu? The Blu-Ray ISOs are already decrypted of course. There is a way to do it with windows but I couldn't find anything for Linux.

Any ideas?

It cannot be done. At least the menu part. check back in two years.
But isnt there a way to play Blu-Ray discs with Linux? So couldnt it be possible to launch this as an external player?
Inital bluray menu support just went into master(post Eden):
(2012-04-12, 20:33)wsnipex Wrote: Inital bluray menu support just went into master(post Eden):
Are you saying xbmc can now display menu's graphically like how a bluray player does?
After reading the git entry, it looks like very limited menu support right now, and only certain disks. Otherwise it defaults to playing the longest item. Plus you have to compile it yourself. Give it time.

The best option to enjoy original blu-ray disc menus, extras, chapter, etc is Windows 7+external player.....and you can find guide in my signature.....
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