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Windows - Stream desktop / XBMC to DLNA (or uPNP)
Hi there,

Is it possible (through DLNA or uPNP) to stream my desktop (and thus XBMC) to my AC Ryan PlayON HD? It acts like a DLNA / uPNP client.
I've tried VLC but I cannot stream to a uPNP destination..

Using screen capturing software, yes.
(2012-04-12, 23:05)Ned Scott Wrote: Using screen capturing software, yes.

Could you tell me what software I should use? I am aware of PlayOn but that doesn't stream my desktop.. I've googled the whole evening to no avail :-(
I know it's possible in theory, but I've yet to see an easy solution. One set up I can see work is if you screen record with any given screen recording software, then just attempt to transcode the recorded file as it is being written. I don't know how nicely that will play with most transcoding servers, though.
I am about to implement something like this (using a directshow desktop capture

Do you have any hints/clues as to ways to get 'that stream" from a windows box "to XBMC"?

ffmpeg can accept the stream (and optionally transcode it), and or stream it to something like tcp://hostname:port (I presume this is like a push model) or stream it to udp://hostname:port or save a local file. Would any of those work?

If not then ffmpeg could "save" a file locally, and then I suppose another option would be to create a ps3ms plugin that saves and streams the file (or I could setup VLC as a server and attach to that). Any hints/ideas/suggestions/"best approach for the long term" here?

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