Changing channel on the guide without the menu?
Hi guys, im not sure if this is a PVR or a skin question?

Basically when i click on a channel on the epg guide i'd like it to tune directly to the channel and not get the popup menu which says "switch / record / ok" on it, does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance!
Sure, add this to your advancedsettings.xml

ahh fantastic, thank you! Are these features documented anywhere out of interest?
Nope... You have to dig deep. A shame really... But it's not in mainline yet so I guess that's why. Maybe there should be a sticky thread for advancedsettings, and remote commands or something. Would help out people a lot and should eliminate double posts.

Hope that helped.
You may look here:

it is not a documentation, but you can get at least an impression what else can be possible.
Great,ŧhanks guys. A remote setup/guide for each remote would be very hand - i've been struggling with my hauppauge nova-t for a few weeks and i think i have finally got it working properly, i'll post up a guide sometime soon as i dont want to go through that hell again, and it seems like there is no other good enough guide about on the net!
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Changing channel on the guide without the menu?00