New here - XBMC -> XBOX 360
I am new here so please don't yell if this is posted somewhere else. I have looked but keep finding nothing clear. I have a Windows Server 2008 setup on a computer and I know I can install XBMC on it, I have found that much already. But what I having a hard time finding is if I can stream from the XBMC shares to my XBOX 360 or am I going to have to use Media Center on a Windows 7 machine?
You can use PS3 media server (ignore the name) to share via the video app normal folders on your xbox360 (i found this quicker than using the windows media centre option on my xbox but it doesnt look as nice) or you'll have to use the windows media centre. XBMC only works on the old Xbox and i dont think anyone will port it to the 360
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New here - XBMC -> XBOX 36000