[Windows] Using IR blaster built into Microsoft eHome Transceiver
I've searched around, but I haven't been able to find an answer to my question. Is it possible to / how would you use the IR blaster on the Microsoft eHome Transceiver (from the Microsoft branded MCE remote) in Windows under XBMC. I've seen a lot of references to using LIRC for IR blasting in XBMC, but I doubt LIRC works under Windows.

My goal here is to make the XBMC volume control actually control my external receiver. Being able to have it (the receiver) automatically turn on and off would be nice too.

Any help is appreciated.

Anyone? I can't be the only one, am I?
I believe the original microsoft remotes are "learning" remotes.

I simply taught the volume buttons from the tv remote and my mce remote was sending those directly to the tv.

The power and volume buttons are teachable.

Just google the manual for it
Yes, they are. I do have the volume buttons on the remote controlling the receiver, and I have the TV power button controlling my TV. However, I have to use a separate remote to turn on the receiver and to make sure it's on the right input. I would like XBMC to do this. Also, I would like if XBMC could control the volume on the receiver because then I could use the volume control on the Android XBMC app to control volume.
I think there is a plugin for EventGhost that can send signals from the eHome blaster.
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Using IR blaster built into Microsoft eHome Transceiver00