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Missing logo
First of all I'd like to say I love this skin.
I've already been using for a while and it really fits my needs.
So thank you for that.

Otherwise, I believe there's a bug in logo view under tv shows.
Show with a '+' for example 'Blood+' don't show logos.
I checked for the logo.png in the folder and at first it didn't even download,
so I've downloaded it manually from
but it just wont display.

And I noticed that the problem is the + in the name/foldername because this phenomenon happens with all 3 shows I have with a + in their name.
I would like to say I've got the same problem with the " . " ( the point)
I wrote " Run-D.M.C. " and I've got "logo missing". I had to rename the folder without the point ( Run-dmc ) and it works.

Missing logo00