Streaming to multiple Computers

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8bitpir8 Offline
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Ok.. to start off with this is not a XBMC issue but something that may help where ppl are trying to watch movies in different rooms.

Tonight I went to watch a movie when the kids were and I had issues with buffering (due to to HD movies playing at once) So what I did was copy the movie to my box and watch it.... That works but gave me an idea. Is there or can there be a button / option to copy to local b4 playing?

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Ned Scott Offline
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The feature has been somewhat requested before. By that I mean, a cache-to-harddrive feature has been requested, and would help in this situation, as it would just load the file as fast as it could, rather than at the rate of playback, thus freeing up the network for the second computer in short time.

I suppose an add-on could be made to do this in the interim. Maybe make a request in the add-on forum and see if anyone bites on the idea.
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