Hibernate from the hard button
Hello everybody,

I have an issue I have solved before on Boxee but I cannot in XBMC Eden. The forum is describing various similar situations but I havent managed to find something helpfull so far.

I have a Ubuntu 11.10 installation and I have configured it so that when I press the power (hard)button (on the computer's case) it hibernates.
The problem is that though when I have XBMC running, it absorbs all these power events and so the computer never responds to the power button. If I follow the XBMC menu and selsct hibernate, it works fine but this is not always possible as the projector may be off and XBMC may be playing some music headless so I want to just press the button and forget about it.

Any help?
Thank you in advance guys...
Any hints guys?
I would expect someone would have wanted something similar...
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