New HTPC, 1 problem. A little help please.
ASRock MB-A75M
AMD A8-3870K APU
Kingston Hyper X 4GB(2x2GB) 1600MHz DDR3
Rosewill RNX-N180PCe Wireless Adapter
Premiertek ANT-9dBi 802.11b/g/n Antenna's
Antec EarthWatts EA-380D Green
Silverstone GD05B
Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400
AsRock Smart Remote
Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA

I built the above HTPC with help from Eskro's great guides and Bluray's advice (Thanks). I am having one problem though,the Asrock Smart Remote is not recognized by Win 7 Pro 64. If the HTPC is off the remote will turn it on, so the remote is working and can be seen by the system. I have downloaded and installed the drivers from the Asrock site. I have download and installed the newest bios as well.The CIR module is available and enabled in the bios. Any ideas?
Thanks steved1961
Explain that it is not seen by Win 7 Pro.
If the receiver is plugged in it will be installed.
Don't want to hijack this thread - but steve I have almost the same exact build as you and I'm having some issues with playback during uncompressed bluray mkv rips (x264). When you have DXVA2 turned on are you noticing any green artifacts for a few seconds when you are resuming a movie or during long chapter skips?

For your remote question, have a look here
[Image: all-thin-banner.jpg]
In Win 7 the dongle is not responding to the remote. If plug in a USB IR receiver the remote itself works. From a power downed state the HTPC will start with the Asrock remote and dongle. I can set the Cir option in the Bios (enabled). Win 7 will allow me to install the drivers for the Smart Remote but will accept no input from the remote?
I haven't tested anything yet still installing software. Thanks for the link, that is the driver I already installed.
How do you know the remote is not working?
The remote itself is working, if I plug in a USB receiver. The Smart Remote Dongle is not accepting any input. The Smart Remote and Dongle will start the HTPC from a powered down state, so the dongle and remote seem to work until I boot into Win &.
Another possibility might be that you don't have all USB drivers installed, did you install the chipset for the mobo? Right click on My Computer and select Manage then Device Manager and make sure you don't have any issues like the image below.

[Image: all-thin-banner.jpg]
Don't have anything like that. All drivers seem to be installed and all current updates are installed. Weird if I just boot into the Bios the Smart Remote will turn the HTPC on and off. When I boot into Win7 the Cir drivers are installed but no input is accepted? Kind of disappointed this is the main reason I went with an Asrock Motherboard.
Have a look at this

I used this to get my MCE remote working and it is working great.

Direct Download link
[Image: all-thin-banner.jpg]
The setup is not working at all in Win 7 . The remote is not seen by Windows Media Center.
Please explain HOW it's not seen. What are you doing to get it seen. Are you in XBMC?
How far away is the Computer? Is there a clear line of sight?

Try uninstalling the software and reinstalling it.
Saw this comment from a user on Newegg.

I recently purchased the Asrock Smart Remote and installed it while overhauling a few other components. Physical installation for the remote was a breeze but it took a few power cycles before the BIOS would recognize the USB receiver for the remote. The BIOS has to recognize it before the CIR option appears in the Super IO section. Ultimately, I had to disable the item labeled "Infrared" something or other, once I did that the CIR item finally appeared. Asrock's documentation for installation is incomplete.
[Image: all-thin-banner.jpg]
Contact Technical Support
Clear line of site 2 feet, 4 feet and 8 feet no response. XBMC, WMC Hulu it doesn't matter the dongle is not accepting input. The remote will work with a USB IR receiver so it's not the remote itself. Uninstalled the drivers and reboot, remove dongle, Win 7 will not let mere install the drivers. Shut down insert dongle bios seeit, boot into Win7. Win 7 will let me install the drivers but dongle does not respond. Thanks Eskro I opened a ticket. Just wanted to see if I was missing anything obvious.
What dongle? The receiver? And what do you mean it will not let you install the drivers? Is there an error message tell you that you can't install them?
Under Hardware Manager, Do you see the driver for it installed? It should be called Nuvoton or something along those lines.
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