New HTPC, 1 problem. A little help please.
The dongle that comes with the Smart Remote. A Microsoft USB IR receiver. If the Smart Remote dongle is not plugged in the drivers will not install (Error: CIR not found). When the Dongle is plugged in drivers install and can be found in the Device Manager. Either way the dongle is not accepting any input. The Microsoft USB IR receiver will accept input from the Smart Remote so the remote itself works. Funny that it will turn the HTPC on and off when its in the Bios but not in Windows?
You still have me lost. You are using a different USB Receiver than the one that came with the remote? The one that comes with the remote is not a Microsoft USB IR Receiver.

These are what you are using?


And you are using the drivers here?

The drivers for this one are Nuvoton and not the ehome so there will be some differences than the normal ehome (MCE) remote.
So there may have to be some changes to the config in XBMC to get it all working correctly.
once you do get this resolved can you please post some playback experiences, I'd really like to see if other users are having similar issues that I am having.
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When I use that remote with that receiver Win7 does not register any button presses. If I remove the ASrock Receiver and plug in an old Microsoft Receiver I have the ASrock remote will work. The drivers I am trying to use are the ones you linked too. If I plug the ASrock Receiver into the HTPC before I boot into Win 7 it will turn the HTPC on and off, after I boot into Win7 the remote will not work.
I would install eventghost and see if it registers anything.
u followed this installation guide to a 'T' ??
Followed the installation guide installed and uninstalled drivers, checked cable etc. No go. Opened support ticket. Thanks for the ideas guys. HTPC seems to work well other than the Asrock Remote .
lets wait for tech support by askrook
NodOk ASrock support got back to me. Unfortunately thier suggestions didn't work. I bought one of these StarTech USB A to USB Motherboard 4-Pin Header F/F 2.0 Cable just in case the wiring was bad, no luck. Win 7 will not install the Asrock divers, under Device Manager the driver listed is "Consumer IR Device" The remote will turn the HTPC on but once into Win 7 no buttons are received. I waiting on ASrock support to get back to again. I hope the problem is with the ASrock Smart Remote and not the ASrock motherboard. I am able to turn the HTPC on and off with the HP MCE remote and IR Receiver. So if ASrock can't find the problem I'm out the cost of the remote but the HTPC seems to work great. Still setting it up but so far so good.
I have exactly the same problem Steve. Identical scenario.
Startup is good and ir signal is just fine. Listed as CIR device in device manager, so it appears to be a problem with this product under Win 7 64.
I'm gonna get on to ASRock as well, and will post any update in this thread, would appreciate it greatly if you'd do the same if you get any response from them.
your motherboard is not the issue steved1961, dont worry.

i think the problems is that the ASROCK SMART REMOTE
might be cheaply fabricated overall...
not the best/reliable hardware..

can i know, range wise,
can you still make your HTPC boot
if your like 5 feet from your CIR receiver?

i've heard stuff like range is 3 feet max...
I've tried up to about 6 or 7 feet without a problem.
oh that good news at least
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New HTPC, 1 problem. A little help please.00