Feature Request - Long Press gives option to change banner/thumb
I don't know if this is a problem with XBMC or XBMC remote or my setup or all three but I think it would be a good addition to the remote anyway...

I have XBMC set to "prefer posters" when scraping for TV shows because of the skin/view I am using (when I didnt choose prefer posters, I got banners only and they got squashed into poster sized frames)

When I use the remote to view TV shows it shows banners as I want it to except for certain cases...If I decided to change the poster for a TV show from the one the scraper picked up itself everything appears fine in XBMC but on the remote, I get my new selection as a poster (like the Movies section) rather than the banner. It makes the page look awful.

If I could Long Press on the poster (or any image anywhere) and have the option to change the image used it would be ideal. It would be great if it offered a selection of images like XBMC does but I wouldnt mind at all having to collect the image manually and browse for it (browsing by default to the root dir of the show or having a specific dir to store custom images in that the feature browses to by default seem good options to me)

This would also ease changing series/episode/movie/album/etc images without having to clear the cache and redownload them all again

Ongoing thanks for a great app (used it tirlessly on my last phone and, having just upgraded, it was the first app to be installed on the new phone) and hope this can be implemented

PS. In the meantime if anyone knows a workaround to change it manually, I would be grateful to know...Thanks
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Feature Request - Long Press gives option to change banner/thumb00