MBP Lion, Eden, ATV2>SMB>Time Capsule/Ext HD
Has anyone gotten this combination to work for accessing files using SMB on the external HD/Time Capsule in Eden?

I upgraded last night and spent 4 hours trying to get the whole system working properly (it was fairly simple prior to upgrading to Lion and Eden). I don't know if Time Capsule used PowerPC-based software to support video file access or what, because since upgrading I can't even connect to my external HD/Time Capsule from my MBP... Airport Utility has changed also, and the settings aren't as easily accessible.

I'd appreciate any advice at this point because the various settings of each component are really frustrating me. Too many variables (IP, username, server location, paths, etc.)...
Sounds like a larger issue going on. You can also try using AFP from the Time Capsule (in XBMC, that is) to see if that makes any difference.

Also, debug logs (wiki) with SMB would help us get clues on what's going on.
Thank you. I'll look into making a debug log, and will also try talking with Apple about the larger issue.
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MBP Lion, Eden, ATV2>SMB>Time Capsule/Ext HD00