Add a "playlist" as a media item to library?

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Lets say I have 50+ video clips (in different formats, different audio/video res, 3-4 mins in length each). I do not want to import those clips into my movie library, but I want those 50 to appear as one item (as a movie) in my library.

So, is it possible to import a type of "playlist" file (maybe asx or something) as a video item into the xbmc library? So the asx would be in one of my video library paths, but the playlist would point to files not in any library path. This would also allow me to add/remove items from the playlist etc.

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I guess you could do it if you put all the different formats in MKV file containers (no re-encoding needed) then used File stacking (wiki) (which, IIRC, needs files to have the same extension to work), but that might be more work than it's worth.
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