Windows - Playback on some .mkv's broken

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EvilSandvich Offline
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Good Morning - i noticed today that my playback on some .mkvs is completly fucked up.

It's this files

with this symtoms

here is the log

My System:
Intel I2500K Quadcore, IGP off
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with Patches till 11.04 (germany, so 04.11 us?)
Gf 560Ti, with beta 301.24(rollback wont help)
Asus D1 With Unified Driver 1.51
XBMC 11.0 Release.
Skin: Aeon MQ 3 2.0.0

How it happend? no clue, yesterday it worked, today not, nothing changed, nothing - besinde an restart - happend.
changing betwen dxva, software and pixel shader does nothing. playing with HW acceleration does nothing too.
in vlc(2.0.0) the files work fine, so i am clueless.

already reinstalled xbmc, and nothing changed.

animated films with a way greater bitrate are working too.

regards and thx for help!
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scudlee Offline
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Bit depth                                : 10 bits
See Hi10P playback (wiki).
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