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How to stretch images to a perspective

I wasn't able to find something about this in the wiki or forums, or maybe I searched for the wrong keywords.

What I want to do is to stretch an image so that its left sides height is 100% and its right sides hide is something smaller (like 80%). In orther words: I want to transform it in perspective like for example AEON Nox does in the Caroussel-View.

I tried this (since it seems AEON does it the same way):

        <control type="image">
            <texture diffuse="other_textures/diffuseMask.png" fallback="DefaultAddonNone.png">$INFO[Container(50).Listitem(-1).Icon]</texture>
            <aspectratio scalediffuse="false">stretch</aspectratio>

My diffuse mask containts a white transformed square on transparent background. The problem is that the image is just cropped, so that the diffuse mask works exactly as described in the wiki (white pixels are shown, transparent ones are not).

But how did Aeon achieve this o.ó

You need to use a conditional rotate animation on the control with the condition set to "true" so its always like it
Thank you!

That was much easier then expected ^^'

How to stretch images to a perspective00