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Hi All,

I am wondering how or where I would look to figure out how to get a schdules direct epg (python or perl) script to use with xvdr or vnsi add-on. the vdr eepg plugin installed as a plugin or compiled does not function with either add-on reliably in NA currently or at least properly.

I can resume any of my three systems after a day and I have a fully populated epg and within 10 minutes of watching Livetv with either add-on the epg is back to being empty if I reset the epg within xbmc I have a full epg again.

If a scedules direct account could be setup as such with myth it would be good all the time. there are pre-made scripts on the SD forums for both perl and python formats as well as xmltv options.

I am just not sure how to make it work.

On another note - why can either add-on not stay connected to a vdr backend. I get disconnected - reconnected messages constantly with either add-on xvdr is much worse than vnsi as it will start and then go into a loop requiring a restart to fix this is on three machines with myth 11.10 (frontend only) and latest xbmc pulse eight script install and all clean builds within last two weeks


Why do you want another plugin for something which is already there? There might be a problem but I think the better alternative is to fix it. Can you provide a debug log to the point your epg data is cleared. What happens if you disable the use of the epg database.

I don't see any reconnect problems on my system. How is your XBMC machine connected to the backed? Same machine, wireless, ...?


I have vdr 1.7.22 yavdr plugins are xvdr, vnsi, eepg and sc stable ppa installed on my 10.04lts myth machine and I have three remote clients connnecting one at a time hard wired via local network. Myth Has no problem connecting to it's backend on that machine I only see problems with vdr. I am attaching a large log. that machine has been running a while. half way through the log I turn off the epg database but in the first you can see mysql errors and the connection errors throughout the log. Do I need to install streamdev as well ?

let me know what you think please. I am not sure why the log states server error on connection. I have the allowed_host files configured properly.


Solving the connection problem might also solve you epg problem. I don't have those problems regardless if I connect to vdr from a local or remote system. As the next step I would try removing either the xvdr or vnsi plugin from vdr and only try with a one installed. vdr writes to syslog. Anything of interest there?

You don't need streamdev, it's outdated.
I use a perl script to populate VDR's epg from xmltv/schedules direct. It's available here:

Is that what you mean? Or is VDR already populated with an EPG, but xbmc throws it away?

deleted everything but sc, vnsi and eepg for plugins with VDR - still having the disconnect problem just not as frequently guide is the same.


VDr use a plugin EEPG to populate the guide and yes it will populate and then it gets lost in xbmc.Is the xmltv
2vdr automatic once it is setup
I run xmltv2vdr on a cronscript every day at 4am.
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