Displaying CD Cover
I'm just wondering if someone can shed light on something for me.

In the main music view, I'd like the album cover, you can see from the screenshot that its the generic blank image:
[Image: musicbf.png]

The folder has a cover.jpg present, but I am presuming this generic image presents because the image is for the actual file playing (rather than cd cover) I don't have an image embedded in the image (this particular file is FLAC).

Is there any easy way to use the cd cover for this image? Or do I need to embed the cover.jpg into each file?
I think that you have to rename cover.jpg to folder.jpg. You don't need to embed anything, just make sure that the folder that contains your song has a folder.jpg image (the cover of the recording).
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Hmmm, didn't work. I'll do a library update (takes ages!) and see if the helps Smile.

[Image: folderg.png]

Thats the folder.jpg in this particular case.
I'm really confused now actually.

In another folder, all the images are called 'cover.jpg' and they work.
just on a side note:
there is a built-in print-screen option in XBMC that export current screen to a .png file
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I know, but I remote in and so would have to then save the screen shots, then copy to my computer to upload to webspace from my PC as my server doesn't have internet access.
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