£200 Noob Mini HTPC Build
Yeah, the dvd front wasn't so noticeable on my black case but I can imagine it would be a bit of an eyesore other ones. I cut the cover that it ships with to make a replacement. I'll post some pics of it when I have time, it looks pretty good.

Anyway, I fitted in the pico today and it's almost completely silent even with the stock cpu cooler. I ripped out the side fan and it seems to be running pretty cool. I think 47C it's the hottest it's run so far with xbmc playing. I'm a little paranoid though as it's my first build.

At what temp should I be worried at? I've read certain posts saying that 70C is ok, but I don't think my heart could take that Big Grin
47C is very acceptable if it means it's quiet.

Nice build. I went with the same CPU and I could not get some full 1080p movies to play with out getting the green pixels. Had to get a GPU, just a heads up
Ok thanks Dougie.
I haven't run into any issues with 1080p movie so far. I'd check your codecs if I were you mate. The G620 should be able to handle it without a gpu.
Right, the stock cooler has started to become too damn loud. What would be a better, quieter option;
Add a gelid 80mm fan to the case along with the exhaust fan it came with
Or go for a low profile cpu cooler?
I might rob this build! for £200 does it play 720p, 1080p and 10bit (anime)?

Also what remote did you get with it? does it wake from USB nicely? etc. etc.
Major Props Poofy and Eskro! Check out their sigs for the best help/advice.
Well, £200 quid was initially spent but I did have certain components already.
2TB Western Digital External HDD for storage, and a 16GB Sandisk Cruzer - which I installed XBMC Ubuntu and mounted inside with a usb cable to run as primary boot. I also had a spare keyboard too.

So the above £200 will get you a system which will more than happily cope with 1080p providing that you already have storage.

There's no remote though, but I spent £12.99 (Sainsbury's) on a PS3 remote and a bluetooth dongle for a quid from some pound store.

I will cost up the exact amount I've spent so far when I have time, but the initially planned build will cost as stated, though actually today slightly less as the Lian case has dropped in price since they released a few new models.

Oh, and it'll boot from any usb input. A quick stab at the bluetooth keyboard is enough. The same for most recent ASRock motherboards as far as I can tell.

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