Xbmc Eden Ubuntu 12 crashes constantly
Hi to all. I have been using Xbmc on Ubuntu for many years now, with no problems. I have done a complete revamp of my system. Installed Ubuntu 12 from scratch then installed xbmc Eden.

However xbmc keeps crashing. Basically the screen flashes then returns the Ubuntu desktop with xbmc shutdown.

I have tried different ideas. Returned to the original skin, changed scrapers, removed all add ons, but even with all this and no media playing it still crashes.

The crash logs show different errors for each shutdown but the common error I see is

Error: Control 1 in window 10099

The other error is

Error : Run : unable to parse web site

I really can not figure this out.... Any ideas would be appreciated.



You should post the complete debug log.
Have reinstalled Ubuntu, and reinstalling xbmc. Hoping it was an install error. If it crashes like before will paste2org the crash log....

Ok so re-installed Ubuntu 12.04, re-installed Eden, managed to add movies and tv shows to library, ran for about two hours then it started crashing again.

Here is the first crash report


any help, otherwise i will have to re-install 10.04 and old version of xbmc .... I would rather have latest versions....

Ubuntu 12.4 is only a release canidate for at least a few more weeks and as stated in other posts
on here it isn't wise to try and install it on 12.4 but to stick with the 11.10 because of all sorts of issues that happen when attempting to dist-upgrade the system. recommendation is to just apt-get upgrade.

EDEN doesnt require 12.4. even the XBMCBUNTU uses 11.10.

Upgrading XBMC
In a world without walls and fences who needs windows and gates, open source, opens minds, so open yours today.

Thanks. Had Eden running on 11.10 for about a month, but then that started crashing so that's why upgraded to o/s.

Best I had was with 10 lts. Oh well, will keep an eye on it. Has not crashed for an hour now....

you log doesn't have debugging enabled. Eitherway, I suggest you switch to the default confluence skin and see if that solves the issue.

What version of xbmc are you running and where did you get it from?
Will turn on debugging and then post the log.

Am now using Eden 11.0 on Ubuntu 12.04

Downloaded direct from Ubuntu repo.

Will keep updated.
might be the dist-update that was causing issues and not a fresh install. I know from past experience that somethings can break otherwise, andI don't want to begin thinking of how many times I had to use fresh installs back in the day when linux first came out, but then I was doing experiemental and testing all the time and compiled everything from code.. 12.04 is a LTS release it would seem more fitting for a STB where one wouldn't have to have the latest software. For me I use a Ubuntu minimal with XBMC installed and X with the desktop environment, so a constant upgrade of software isn't neccasary because those extra packages are not installed. A LTS would be good for just getting security fixes and bugs taken care of making a pretty stable environment.
In a world without walls and fences who needs windows and gates, open source, opens minds, so open yours today.

who knows..... Been using xbmc on ubuntu as THPC for over two years and never a problem... now it is constantly crashing.

Re-installed ubuntu 11.10 installed xbmc but still crashing.

Last two logs here.



Will wait for a reply but looks like I will go back to 10.04....

not to good at seeing where to problem is from the log, so any help.....

Thanks again
I also have consistent crashes of XBMC Eden on 11.10. Brand new box, brand new HDD (SSD), clean install of 11.10 and Eden. It doesn't seem to crash when playing movies much, but just sitting in the interface it will crash to desktop, sometimes lock up, after a few minutes. crashes consistently when playing a dvd. really a pita
Problem seems to be solved...... I am not sure how, or why but for anyone with similar problems, this is what I did.

Did a full shutdown of xbmc then full shutdown of the computer. I left it off overnight, and voila.......
Turned it on next morning, and no crashes......

Again, not sure what happened, but it is working

Thanks to those who gave some insight, and help.

Happy viewing...

just to be sure: What do you mean with "full shutdown"? or, what is not a "full shutdown"?
Just clicked shutdown. I mean as a posed to re-starting the computer, I shut it down.

Anyhow, started giving problems again. Have gone back to Ubuntu 10.04

Am happy again.....

The old saying if something is not broken don't fix it!!! But if we thought like that we would not be using Linux would we....
I had similar problems after scanning for new content. Continuous looping crashes thereafter. After re-installing XBMCbuntu Eden, crash would occur each time entering the movie library.

Solved by 1) deleting the file most recently scanned in, and 2) cleaning the library.

Re-adding this file to the library caused the crashing to reoccur. It also crashed when trying to play from the XBMC file browser. I don't know what is different about this file, but VLC (Win7) plays it, no problemo.
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