Eden now includes tracks in compilations in the 'Artist' view. Any way to turn off?
I've noticed a small functionality change between Dharma and Eden in that when looking at a particular Artist in the 'Artists' view in the Music section, it now includes compilation albums which may contain tracks by that artist.

For example, if I now select 'Music', 'Artists' and scroll to and select a particular artist, (say Aerosmith), I can see all the Aerosmith albums in that view, along with a bunch of compilation albums that happen to have Aerosmith tracks on. I believe Dharma only used to show the Aerosmith albums, and didn't display compilation albums in this view

Can I revert back to the old way of doing this? I don't really want to see a bunch of compilation albums when I only want to listen to albums by a particular artist? I've taken a look through the settings, but can't seem to find anything that might change this behaviour.

Running Ubuntu 11.04 with xbmc 11.0~git20120321.14feb09-0ubuntu1~ppa1~maverick.
Check Dharma again.
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Eden now includes tracks in compilations in the 'Artist' view. Any way to turn off?00