I just recently discovered tvtunes and I'm fairly certain I've seen youtube videos of tvtunes working with Nox, but the tunes aren't playing for me for some reason.

I installed the addon and went to programs and walked through the process of selecting a tune for each show. Then I went to the addon options menu and enabled tvtunes, but even after a reboot the tunes don't play. I looked in each tvshow folder and verified the existence of a theme file.

A couple of forums made mention of a change to the name of the tvtunes program causing an issue, but those forums were old so I figure that particular problem has probably been resolved by now.

It's probably just some little stupid thing that I'm overlooking. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance.
first of all: does this happen with all skins or only with aeon?
which aeon version do you use?
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Didn't think to try it in different skins, sorry. I'll check that when I get home. I'm currently using Nox 2.0.

Out of curiosity, if I switch to another skin and then back to Nox will I lose my settings?
(2012-04-14, 21:38)hi_its_me_scott Wrote: Out of curiosity, if I switch to another skin and then back to Nox will I lose my settings?

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Thanks for that info. I switched to another skin and still no tvtunes so it isn't a nox problem, sorry for the trouble. Feel free to delete this posting, I'll be sure to troubleshoot other problems by switching skins.

Thanks again.
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