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Blu-ray Episodes with NFO not showing up
I've ripped each episode in the Life series ( and created an NFO file for each (they are from a Blu-ray). The idea is to have each episode show up with a collection where I keep my TV shows. Here's what the folder looks like where it's stored:

Life (2009).Birds.mkv
Life (2009).Birds.nfo
Life (2009).ChallengesOfLife.mkv
Life (2009).ChallengesOfLife.nfo
Life (2009).CreaturesOfTheDeep.mkv
Life (2009).CreaturesOfTheDeep.nfo
Life (2009).Fish.mkv
Life (2009).Fish.nfo
Life (2009).HundersAndHunted.mkv
Life (2009).HundersAndHunted.nfo
Life (2009).Insects.mkv
Life (2009).Insects.nfo
Life (2009).Mammals.mkv
Life (2009).Mammals.nfo
Life (2009).Plants.mkv
Life (2009).Plants.nfo
Life (2009).Primates.mkv
Life (2009).Primates.nfo
Life (2009).ReptilesAndAmphibians.mkv
Life (2009).ReptilesAndAmphibians.nfo
Life (2009).TheMakingOfLife.mkv
Life (2009).TheMakingOfLife.nfo

Here's what one of the NFO files looks like:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<movie xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
<title>Life (2009): Birds</title>
<set>Life - by Discovery Channel (Blu-ray Box Set)</set>
<sorttitle>05 Life (2009): Birds</sorttitle>

Now, my collection isn't showing up... the only thin that is showing up under Videos > TV Shows is "Life (2009)" which is how it shows up in When I click on the collection it shows as empty. Now, if I back up and go through it to look at files, I see all the MKV files and they all play.

Further, when I look in the MySQL DB, in the [TVShowView] table only shows one entry for "Life (2009)" with the description & other metadata (so I can tell it's scraping it), but the [EpisodeView] is empty... something definately isn't getting scraped correctly...

Can't figure out what's wrong here... idea ideas?
That isn't the correct naming convention or XML for a TV show. You seem to be using the movie naming convention (and XML). Check this post in the wiki for information on how to name TV Shows. Basically you should have something like Life.S01E01.Challenges.of.Life.mkv. I checked in, and Life (2009) is there, so the only thing you might need is a tvshow.nfo with just the URL to page for the show (more information on tvshow.nfo files is available here).

Hope that helps.
Providing a debug log:

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As pkscuot says, you've got a bit mixed up.
In my opinion you should just rename your episodes to the correct title on thetvdb as pkscuot says then not bother with nfo's for the episodes.

But you're going to have trouble with "the making of life" as that isn't on thetvdb and I don't think they like people adding non-aired special features. So you will have to make an nfo for that. see: for more info but here is a simple version of one that should work:
        <title>The Making of Life</title>
You will still need to name the file something like: "" and the nfo the same name as the file

Flirc now has a forum:
Thanks guys... I wasn't clear there were two different types of NFO files, pretty big oversight on my part as the opening <movie... tag should have been a dead giveaway. For the benefit of others...

My new folder structure looks like this:

Life (2009).S00.E01.The.Making.of.Life.mkv
Life (2009).S00.E01.The.Making.of.Life.nfo
Life (2009).S01.E01.Challenges.of.Life.mkv
Life (2009).S01.E02.Reptiles.and.Amphibians.mkv
Life (2009).S01.E03.Mammals.mkv
Life (2009).S01.E04.Fish.mkv
Life (2009).S01.E05.Birds.mkv
Life (2009).S01.E06.Insects.mkv
Life (2009).S01.E07.Hunders.and.Hunted.mkv
Life (2009).S01.E08.Creatures.of.the.Deep.mkv
Life (2009).S01.E09.Plants.mkv
Life (2009).S01.E10.Primates.mkv

Notice two NFO files... the tvshow.nfo looks like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<title>Life (2009) - by Discovery Channel (Blu-ray Box Set)</title>
<url cache="118421.xml"></url>

And the NFO file for the first video looks like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<title>The Making of Life</title>

I had a hard time finding instructions on how to obtain the episode guide file, but figured you just swapped out the ID of the series in the following URL (and make sur eyou call it the right thin in the cache attribute):[ID (wiki)]]/all/
Thanks a lot guys..
this helped me a lot.. I Googled this issue and Google sent me here to this forum..

And I registered specifically to thank you guys

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