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[RELEASE] myTV - TV Guide Script (with pluginsnew script)
solexalex, no theres technical reason, but i did want it to use mytv as its home dir.

if you write a data source, it must go in the sub folder mytv\datasource.

if you get one written and send me it, i could always include it in the default package?

feel free to mail me if you want some help.
i have an issue when running in 720p


as you can see the info panel does not scale. other scripts that use the default panels in pmiii display okay (like the lyrics script).

hope you can fix it :thumbsup:
just tried the v1.1 - cool :bowdown: no issues that i can find ! - still need to edit the channel list (only got freeiew) but that should be easy!, and coz the change below - some slight layout issues...

ive changed the skin for background and panel to sort of match the pm3 skin - it aint perfect, but it does the trick ! (pm me if you want a copy to include in the script pack - but it aint that good - honest !Wink Nod

although saying that - an identical replica of the sky interface woud be nice ;-)

i'd love for this to be able to hook into my tv card, would be great if when looking at the programe info - there is a button to press (say yellow), which can generate a text file with certain parameters which will be able to be picked up by a script (dabdig) running on my host pc (after being ftp' d there obviously!Wink, anyway, thats another discussion ! - perhaps as this is only you're 3rd script, i can tempt you with perhaps a 3.5 ? :thumbsup:

thanks !!!
i've got v1.02 about to be released, 720p is one of the things i've fixed.

i've also done a pmiii skin, but i'll also be including the original as well, for those that like a bit more colour Wink see what you thing of this effort when you get it. i'm no graphic artist. i could do with a better mytv logo actually.

the channel list order has been edited to be the the same as the order on a freeview box.

i've some ideas for additional features, you never know, but i want this initail release to settle down (bugs) before adding any new features.

hoping to upload new ver. it to xbmcscripts today.
bigbellybilly heres a link to my pmiii lookie likie graphics, just incase you want to use them.

cheers b4tm4n.

ps. looking forward to v1.02
cool - sounds good.
v1.02 uploaded to xbmcscripts, should appear shortly.

change summary:
fixes some date/time/list bugs.
improved 720p support.
pmiii skin (original still incl)
uses std skin popup as ovelay panel.
other minor improvments.

note on channel/list navigation. a fix has been submitted by one of the devs to correct the 'move right' off lists. when new builds appear with that included, list navigation will be more intutive. until then moving left is the only way to move between lists.

b4tm4n: thanks for having ago at a pmiii skin, but i've decided to use my own.
if anyones graphically capable, a nice shiney logo and matching splash would be really appreciated.

some ideas on the drawing table:
interactive channels editor
azureus, so it'll set a regex filter to capture selected programme via a bt plugin. (maybe)
xmltv parsing (another maybe)

i'm going away on my hols from tomorrow, so will check in when i can (if the missus lets me...)

thanks to my beta testers evchong and evilhomeruk - without you - i'd have finished a lot quicker (lol)
hi, sorry mind working overtime. on a similar thought to my previous one..
dabdig script can run on my home pc to interact with my nebula digitv card, but on the xbox – in mytv - once a popup window with the prog info in is open.. is it difficult to extract from the data (say on a pre selected button press) the following info : -

"rec" "channel name" "number" "programme name" "year" "date" "month" "hour" "minute" "duration"
i.e. record bbc1 1 (prog name) on 14/06/2005 at 15:45 for 60 minutes .

and then save to a text file ? – i may have a play this weekend and see what i can come up with… but any guidance would be appreciated !

enjoy the hols!
yes, i store that data in the programme class. see the library.py

that would be possible. where would you want the text file writting to? the cache, a new folder or smb drive location ?
honestly, not sure for the mo.. depends on how i could get said text file to the host pc, weather the host is scheduled to check a folder on the xbox hdd, or if perhaps after generating the file it could be ftp'd to the host, i know the torrent browser script has an option to ftp, i`d have to have a think..
either way, id have to interact with a scheduled batch file on the host...  Wink

oh - forget ftp....smb location if possible :-)
just a thought but that would be a really cool feature to go along with that p2p tv thing that people have been talking about. i guess it is based on python so once some really cool scripter made an xbmc interface you could use your script to see when something plays then schedule to record it :kickass:

:d would be a nice idea, but im not sure a 1 1/2 gig an hour for tv would be an interesting share !.
perhaps it would be easier to adapt perhaps the torrent browser script to look at eg. a tv torrent site..

anyway, hopefully with some help from bigbellybilly on the tv script- i'll put together a guide on the various parts as the digdab script (not mine btw - all credit to paul webster) as can run multiple tv cards etc...

well, assuming it works :joker:

is there anywhere else to get the 1.02 version. it's not up on xbmcscripts eventhough you up loaded it 8 hours ago :thumbsup:

i guess the guys running the site need to check it first then publish it?

just as v1.02 appeared a friend found a minor bug in it. typical!.  it seems the triggers repeated causing the pages to flip too many times.

i've fixed it and upload v1.03. i have no control over when it appears, but hey, its a free service for us all, cheers lads.

i've also reverted to using the official way of navigating on/off lists using the controlleft & controlright functions.  today a dev fixed the bug that the controllists had (many thanks again to him) - but until that patch appears in the xbmc builds, the lists navigation will seem odd.  ie you have to move left to go between them.
i changed over to this method as my way of using an index to set focus had it own problems.

i expected a few bugs to creep out once it was released, so please report any you find.  once its settled down, i can look into adding some new features.
top of my own list is to be able to setup a torrent download by selecting a programme.
the best way would be if i could write a new filter into the excellent az plugin 'rss feed' .options file, but that appears to be a java serialized object file.  the author of that plugin is willing to look into allowing external filters to be imported auto via xml. which would be a perfect solution. however. that happens when it happens.
another idea would be to scan a torrent rss feed, grab a matching torrent file and drop it into az auto import folder (as per the options).  that has its flaws in that you cant control which series/episode your getting.

but, anyway.  i'm sure between us we can come up with some idea.... ?
well to be more acurate, i'll let you lot have a think while i go sun myself on a spanish beach. Wink

you have my vote for xmltv support!
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
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[RELEASE] myTV - TV Guide Script (with pluginsnew script)51