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[RELEASE] myTV - TV Guide Script (with pluginsnew script)
what would be good is if there was a plug-in structure for actions, just as you’ve set up for the data sources.., so eg. there is a setup xml file which assigns certain plug ins to certain keys, so for example, i might want to press yellow to set a recording, when the programme is highlighted, whereas someone else could assign the key to a azerus plug-in or similar..

that way, hopefully others may pitch in and develop plug ins as well…

just a thought !
when i run 1.03 it just says "failed to load channel list" , anyone else have that problem?

edit: got a build of xbmc from 14/6/05 and still the same, all i get is a black screen with that error above and "welcome to mytv guide" and time on top of screen. im using pal 4:3

edit2: i just ftp'd the unrared folder ( mytv_v1_03), rename it to mytv and it'll work fine

thanks for the great script, pity there aint anything like this on the dreambox
hi - you need to ensure the folder the script is in, is called mytv, and not mytv vxxx

yip - took 1/2 hour to figure that one here !

edit: must remember to read all the post before replying..
ok, well, didnt intend to post this until finished, but am working away for a couple of months.. so my botching will more or less come to a halt.

ive added to the original script so that it interfaces with my nebula digitv card through its web interface... essentailly it lets me set recordings from the xbox. not sure how much interest there is out there for this card though :-)

it can be found at http://www.dragon256.plus.com

all credit for the original script etc.. goes to bbb - as ive only added a small url call... but hey.

graphics have been modded - taken from the mediaportal skins, and the tv logos from http://www.tom-miller.co.uk/go/tvlogos

note - this only works with xbmc pre keymap changes. ive tied the record function to a new button on my remote - so you'll have to alter your keymap to do the same... ive put my remote code at the very top of the keymap so its very obvious.

conditions for it to work:
- enable your webinterface in the nebula settings
- will only work if there is no username and password (not thought about putting this in)
- you'll need to go into the script and manually alter the ip (parameter yourip) to reflect that of your host pc with the card
- also check that the lcn codes match that on your system (check your settings - i think they may be transmitter dependent)

limitations - lots:
- only works for the 1st page of channeles - bbc1 to uktv history. sorry !
- no real check to see if network connected or shedule really set  - you'll see i was playing with some checks - but didnt get them to work

development - if i had time...
- i have the code for listing currently set timers (with help from enderw) - but couldnt intergrate it (was thinking of the sliding pannel ala xbmc lyrics etc..) its also on the above website - timers.py

let me know if you use it (does anyone else use this tv card ?? ;-) ), and what you think... also if you can help on the listing code that would be great.
just tried your new script and its great.
at the moment you`ve only got logos for a few channels, i don`t know wether your planning on adding the rest or not, but i`ve found this link to quite a few channel logos. hope they`ll be of any use to you.

cheers b4tm4n.
cheers - i'll look into it.
although i couldnt find the channel idents to tie to the logos - so i had to hard link them to the channels position on screen (which is why after the 1st page the logos repeat).

if you want to change some of the logos - just save the png as the originals filename, its all scaled etc.. so it shouldl work no probs. eg. correct ukhistory channel vs. the news24 logo i put in for keeping

it works for the main bulk of channels i use, so im ok with it..

never got round to setting a remote button to move days forward and back. i didnt like the list controls so i ended up hiding them -i tried removing from the doce - but i`m not that good at python.
mytv v1.04a  now available at xbmcscripts.com (please replace v1.04 if you have already downloaded that one - use v1.04a only)

changelog for v1.04a
new datasource_zap2it - (us/canada) uses xmltv data from a registered zap2it.com account.
new - datasource_telkku - finnish data source.
new - datasource_tvgids - dutch data source.
new - save programme to smb using an editable substitution template.
new - unicode character support.
new - navigation lists can be disabled to allow more channels to be viewed.
new -  menu (white button) to facilitate new configuration settings and options etc.
change - installation folder name independant. ie q:\script\mytv v104a
change - system heirachy - all additional files moved to \system folder.
change - improved pmiii skin.[b]
and several other internal improvments.

i recommend a complete fresh installation if you have a previous version, but, you can keep any customised channels list files (ie mytv\cache\channels_bleb.dat)

please let me know of any bugs or need some help with it.

sup dude, thanks for all the hard work on the script. i got my zap 2 it account and entered the info in the zap2it.py but when i run the script i get this error:
"traceback (most recent call last):
file"q:\scripts\mytv\system\library.py",line 411, in fetchxmltv
file"q:\python\python23.zlib\urllib2.py",line 129, in urlopen
file"q:\python\python23.zlib\urllib2.py",line 226, in urlopen
httperror:http error 401:digest auth failed"

then when i click ok, xbmc freezes.
any ideas?
i really like this!

i have a few questions...

1) how do you change the time to 12 hr clock?

2) i'm using zap2it and have an acct... i removed all my unwanted channels but your script pulls in and displays all changes even if i removed them from my zap2it profile. can this be "fixed" or can i setup a channel list within your script?

i have one suggestion...
all the blue is very bright, can you change the colors of the grid, maybe alternate rows or something? i'd really love to see color coding via the show type like zap2it and other providers do... this is very nice.

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
great - sounds cool. can't wait to try.
kain, thats a unicode character error, do you know which channel might have caused the problem ? - maybe you could mail me your channels list ?

affini: clock is 24hours only at moment. do you just mean the clock or also the epg time intervals also ?

channel lists: if there isnt a channel list for your selected datasource it first goes and collects the data to create one, this will be all channels.
you can then manually edit that list (ie cache\channels_zap2it.dat), to delete channels & change order etc, then that will be the list it will use from then on.

buttons: the blue emulates the uk sky tv guide. i have supplied an alternative (more pmiii darker) pair of buttons in the package.

in the system sub folder rename;
button_focus_pmiii.png -> button_focus.png
button_nofocus_pmiii.png -> button_nofocus.png
kain: upon further inspection , that is an http authorisation error, in other words, your user/pass for your zap2it account hasnt been entered correctly in datasource.zap2it.py. note. they're case sensitive.

i'll tighten up the exception checking, and report that in a more friendly manner.
hmmm thought they were entered correctly. ill take a look and let you know what happens  Cool

edit: ok i have checked and rechecked and the pass and username are correct. i even made another acct and tried that. then i tried changing my channels/provider. i live near portland and i have direct tv. i tried directtv- portland, directtv-usa, then just local basic cable. they all returned the same error. im really bummed because this script kicks major ass. i tried the uk listings and they worked fine. any ideas what it could be? check out a screen cap of the error here.

i found the channels_zap2it.dat but the channel numbers are way off.

can you please look into it. you'll see what i mean when you see the ppv channels... i put an excerpt below in the code section.

Quote:25620,5 starmax
45731,abn-america (dish)
26849,cnbc world
10142,cable news network
10149,comedy central
10153,court tv
44447,comcast sportsnet chicago
10271,comcast sportsnet mid-atlantic
44917,comcast sportsnet west
43746,cts (international- dish)
43705,ctv (international - dish)
44621,cyrtv (dish)
16617,discovery home
16618,discovery kids network
18327,discovery health
42670,dish home interactive tv
10171,disney channel
18544,do-it-yourself network
44562,dragon tv
11150,the discovery channel
16615,discovery times channel
14321,fx networks inc.
18179,g4-video game television
16062,great american country
19563,nickelodeon games and sports
35379,german tv
14899,the golf channel
33691,goltv (english)
44618,audio radio greece
44625,guandong tv (echostar) (guandong channel
34362,hd cinema 5 (guy tv)
11221,hallmark channel
10242,home box office plus (pacific)
10240,home box office
10241,home box office 2
18429,home box office comedy
16585,home box office family
10244,home box office (pacific)
10243,home box office signature
10309,kabc abc7
10383,kcop upn 13
12686,kfph (formerly kbpx)
45504,kino polska (dish)
43217,k-tv (dish)
44091,kuwait tv
24246,ppv - ppv455
24247,ppv - ppv456
24237,ppv - ppv457
24238,ppv - ppv458
24239,ppv - ppv459
24240,ppv - ppv460
24241,ppv - ppv461
24244,ppv - ppv462
24949,ppv - ppv463
24950,ppv - ppv464
27891,ppv - ppv465
24262,ppv - ppv470
22919,ppv - ppv471
22920,ppv - ppv472
22924,ppv - ppv476
22925,ppv - ppv477
22926,ppv - ppv478
22927,ppv - ppv479
22928,ppv - ppv480
22929,ppv - ppv481
22932,ppv - ppv502
22933,ppv - ppv503
22934,ppv - ppv504
22935,ppv - ppv505
22936,ppv - ppv506
22937,ppv - ppv507
22938,ppv - ppv508
22939,ppv - ppv509
22940,ppv - ppv510
22941,ppv - ppv511
22942,ppv - ppv512
22943,ppv - ppv513
22944,ppv - ppv514
22945,ppv - ppv515
22946,ppv - ppv516
22947,ppv - ppv517
22948,ppv - ppv518
22949,ppv - ppv519
22950,ppv - ppv520
22951,ppv - ppv521
22952,ppv - ppv522
22953,ppv - ppv523
22954,ppv - ppv524
22955,ppv - ppv525
22956,ppv - ppv526
22957,ppv - ppv527
22958,ppv - ppv528
22959,ppv - ppv529
22960,ppv - ppv530
22961,ppv - ppv531
22962,ppv - ppv532
22963,ppv - ppv533
22968,ppv - ppv538
32301,ppv - ppv539
16616,the science channel
11097,sci-fi channel
19634,starz cinema
19651,starz cinema (pacific)
16311,starz edge
45139,set max (dish)
16153,showtime showcase
15268,shop at home network
11116,showtime too
20622,showtime beyond
11117,showtime (pacific)
18086,showtime extreme
18262,si tv
19635,starz kids & family
16011,speed channel
42939,spice ultimate
11163,spike tv
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
could you both give me your zip codes and your providers so i can change my own zap2it account and try and duplicate your problems.

the screengrab does show httperror 401 - which is a 'failed authorization' - i managed to confirm that myself by simply using the wrong user/password. (code now better in that area)
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