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[RELEASE] myTV - TV Guide Script (with pluginsnew script)
kain: i maybe should've stated it more clearly, but the account for zap2it is the one where you signup for their xmltv data service at labs.zap2it.com not on the actual zap2it.com site.
can you confirm which account you've created ?
ps. i got your zip code, username but the password was stripped by the boards admin. could you mail it to me directly maybe ?

but, anyway, please confirm that its is labs.zap2it.com you've signed upto.
hehe ok im an idiot, i went to just the zap2it website. ill try doing it the right way and see how it works. thanks for the help dude  :kickass:

im setting up my account but whats the certificate code?
kain: no problem. it did promt me to improve the login error handling and i've found a few other problems too. i'll also make it more clear in the datasource as to which site to create an account for.

affini: i've found an error checking if your channels list file already exists, unfortunatly it causes it to always re-download the list again. fixed it now.
with regards to the channel numbers, they're channel ids, they're simply used to extract programmes for that channel. so, i cant see the problem. but, if you want to pm me your zip code and provider name, i'll look into it further .
for users wanting to create a new account to get zap2it data, please use the certificate code of mytv-9k2n-utg1 that mytv has now been granted.

sign up here: labs zap2it.com
hi - not sure what is happening, but if i use the lists to move forward a day or two, it doesnt find any programe data, but manually scrolling right is fine. im using radiotimes as a datasource.

like the menu btw - and ill have to play with the smb tool, looks cool !.

nice to see you're back.

hi there.

this might sound like a stupid question, what is the smb tool for ?

it works and everything, it put a dat file on my pc share with the program name and time  but what can i do with this file?

cheers b4tm4n.
hi - depending on if you use a tv card etc... (and ive not looked into this yet), but there is a script called dabdig (see below) that can use information like this to schedule timers in a variety of tv cards and software..
this was something i was trying to do, but i dont know python enough, so i reverted to using my tv cards web interface...

although it could be very useful for others, or even to help schedule timers in mediaportal perhaps...


ok dude ive had a chance to test it now and everything works great. helps when i get an account on the right site eh? Wink thanks for the awesome script man. :kickass:
did you post the updated one xbmcscripts.com?
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
i've posted v1.05 to xbmcscripts.com yesterday, but i dont usually mention it in this thread until it actually appears - and it hasnt yet.

jj5768: i mustve screwed something up. i'll fix that today.
is it possible to tie moving days to a keypad control (left thumb maybe or remote) ? - perhaps where the lists are not visible. i had a look into doing it, but i wasnt that clever :-)

also - for my info, i used an on_action function in my quick hack to call a url, however i`d like to change what i added is more of an add on rather than being in the main script - is it possible to have these on action calls outside of the main script ? - i suspect not, but worth asking !
all the standard mapped buttons are in use, so if you wanted extra control, maybe from the y button for example (which currently returns 0 - so does black btn and the thumb sticks have no visibility at all), it would require each user to edit the keymap.xml, which makes it tricky as i couldnt be sure everyone would be willing to do that.

explain more about this external onaction your after. are you looking for something simlair to flexibrower or ooba?
what about a menu option that could be assigned to a std function within an external module ?
whats the extra functionality that your after it doing ?
ok, below is the function i added, essentially it builds a url from the program information, and calls it. the information in the url is passed to my tvcards webinterface which schedules a recording.

basic pics can be seen at http://www.dragon256.plus.com - you'll see i played with the graphics a bit Blush  and introduced channel logo's

instead of having this in the main bulk of the script, i was wondering if it could be added as an add in as such, instead of me having to add it to each revision of script - although i dont mind at all, im more than happy at the moment being able to set recordings from my xbox !

there's probaly better ways of doing it all rather than the below, but it was my 1st attempt...

was thinking about the menu - the code below sets an individual recording, but by changing the 0 at the end of the url, to 1 then its weekly... perhaps the y button could tie to another menu with other funtions, like that below, or as you mentioned earlier in the thread torrent sites, or other functions.. eg. favourites and stuff :-)

if action == action_record:      #### recording linked to record button - have to define in keymap - set to code 23 keymap 2010
prog = self.epgbuttons[self.epgchidx][self.epgbtnidx][self.epgbuttonsbtndata_prog]
self.infowin = progdescdialog()
desc = prog.getdescription()
if desc == "": desc = "no information"

starttime = self.currenttime.timetohhmm(prog.getstarttime())
endtime = self.currenttime.timetohhmm(prog.getendtime())

starttime2 = self.currenttime.duration(prog.getstarttime())   #start and finish codes minus :
endtime2 = self.currenttime.duration(prog.getendtime())       #start and finish codes

banana = (int(prog.getendtime()-prog.getstarttime())) / 60   #duration in mins need to make 4 digits
pear = len (str(banana))
if pear == 1 : banana2 = "000"+str(banana)
if pear == 2 : banana2 = "00"+str(banana)
if pear == 3 : banana2 = "0"+str(banana)
if pear == 4 : banana2 = banana    # changed to 4 digit times

savedate = self.currenttime.timetofiledate2(self.currenttime.getcurrenttime())   # date code - correct for digitv web interface (ddmmyy)

apple = (self.epgchidx)  # channel position on screen eg. bbc1 = 0

if apple == 0 : lcn = "001"     # manually code lcn codes vs. channel position
if apple == 1 : lcn = "002"     # lcn codes are the channels by transmitter id
if apple == 2 : lcn = "003"     # could only figure out how to link by position on screen vs.
if apple == 3 : lcn = "004"     # setting the lcn for all channels
if apple == 4 : lcn = "005"
if apple == 5 : lcn = "006"
if apple == 6 : lcn = "007"
if apple == 7 : lcn = "010"
if apple == 8 : lcn = "014"
if apple == 9 : lcn = "007"
if apple == 10 : lcn = "010"
if apple == 11 : lcn = "014"

orange = prog.gettitle()
orange2 = ''.join(orange.split())

cherry = lcn + str (starttime2) + str (savedate) + banana2 + "0"

if xbmcgui.dialog().yesno("request","set recording ?"):

yourip = ""

p = "[url]http://"+[/url] yourip +":2880/timers.htm?name=" + str(orange2) + ";?timer=" + cherry

f = urllib.urlopen(p)

print f.read()  # dumps result into the log. probably another way to do though..
my vote is to add jj5768's mods... not that my opinion counts but what the heck, you'll hear it anyway :nuts:
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
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