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Force scan & display of File format / info
I've tried to search on the forum, but it's hard to describe, and I've found nothing to-date.

Essentially, after I start to play a new file, it shows up in the library (and file list for that matter) with information on whether it's HD, SD, screen ratio, sound quality, etc…

But I can't find a way to get XBMC to scan all my files and retrieve this information. I know it would be a slow-ish process with a large library, but it's useful information, and seems not to be so useful AFTER one has started to play a file.

I hope I've described this adequately, but I really can't see what I'm missing!

Thanks in advance, Nic.
I think JMarshall commented in some other thread (which I can't remember) that it takes a while and does it in the background.

So perhaps leave XBMC running for it to retrieve this information

Flirc now has a forum:

Force scan & display of File format / info00