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AppleTV 2 (black) - Add a playlist(my ipcam) under videos in home screen
I have my ipcam in my baby's room. What I did was to create a playlist .pls file to view the stream. That works fine however, at present, my only means of accessing it is to go to videos>library>playlists in order to select it.

What I would LOVE to do --but don't expect its easily possible-- is to create a 'videos' submenu. I'm using the confluence skin and the way I have it configured is that on my home screen, there are several options...

MUSIC, VIDEOS, PROGRAMS, etc. when VIDEOS is highlighted, beneath it are 'movies, tv shows, files, library, addons'. I'd love to just have an option right smack there for my ipcam stream playlist. any suggestions?

While, not quite what you asked for - why not add the playlist to your Favorites and make it the first entry in the list?

From the home screen, I think that would make it 2 remote button presses - Menu to Open Favourites, then Select to pick your playlist.


Add a playlist(my ipcam) under videos in home screen00