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Library update TV shows - Unable to connect

I am trying to set my TV shows. It worked without problems when I tested before. I get an error "Could not download information, unable to connect to remote server".

The strange thing is: this happens during scanning for new content. The result is that some TV shows are put in the library, others aren't. It does not seem to be a specific show that XBMC doesn't like. The problem seems random.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it just the TVDB servers that are unstable today?

Please let me know, I am a new XBMC user and do not know if I am doing something wrong or not.

Hi Streamerke,

Same problem here on two media servers. The problem is not on your side. I haven't been able to fetch any new info for a few hours.

First time user and I have the identical issue when trying to add tv shows to the library. I run the TVDB scraper and it keeps telling me that it wont connect to the remote server...

Other scrapers seem to work fine for Movies and Music.

I'm tearing my hair out so any solutions would be appreciated!


Looks like it's down right now. Everyone should really bookmark so you can check yourself as a first troubleshooting step.
Providing a debug log:

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