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Can I get JUST the alien subtitles in Star Wars?
This actually didn't work for me. I realize now that my Lord of the Rings rips already had the subtitles hardcoded.

I have tried so many differenct configs for Phantom Menace to get this working but in no case can I get the forced subtitles to appear. I removed all subtitles except for the forced and used mkvmerge to set stream as forced "yes". It still won't show.

From what I understand, there are few players that can handle forced subs and it sounds like XBMC is one of them. I assume it supports it when I use your patched version of XBMC.

Is there anything I need to set beyond overwriting the XBMC install with your files?
Also curious - will this only work with a video that is in the movie library? I'm still trying to figure this out and wondering if the reason why XBMC is not playing back the movie with the forced subs is because I'm playing it from a folder that isn't set to movies
It should work with movies in any location. All you need to do is, in the audio dialog, set the subtitle to the stream which has the forced subtitles, and uncheck "Enable Subtitles". The forced setting in MKVMerge should not make a difference. I don't personally have the star wars Blu-rays to test, but I've uploaded a short clip from Avatar which should work. With "Enable Subtitles" checked, you should see the closed captions and the Na'vi translations, unchecked you should see only Na'vi translations. Standard XBMC will display nothing with "Enable Subtitles" unchecked.
Yeah it does work. How is that you ripped Avatar then? The forced sub you didn't add yourself and tagged it as such? I would have expected to see the subs in mediainfo but it's like they don't exist
I ripped the Blu-ray disc using AnyDVD HD, which provided me the full unmodified m2ts files. Then I used TSMuxer to demux the m2ts files and used MKVToolnix to mux the MKV. For the sample I provided, I also then used ffmpeg to re-encode the video at a lower bitrate so that the file wasn't enormous.
if i have the DVD shouldnt the alien subtitles automatically be on there i am watching it on my playstation i shouldnt have to mess around right?[/align]

Can I get JUST the alien subtitles in Star Wars?00