Hide episode thumbnails on unwatched
I'm not sure if there's an option already for this that I haven't seen anywhere, but is there a way to hide the episode screenshots/ thumbnails for unwatched items?

Seeing the screenshots will sometimes spoil the episode (mainly reality tv etc.)

There isn't and I have previously asked if this is possible to include but there has been no positive response to my requests or I would imagine yours. I would love this option to be included either globally or on a particular skin but no takers so far.
this is not skin based, it is program based. would be great to have separate settings for movies and tv as i want to review the unwatched movie, but not the unwatched episode.

There is the thread that I started about this very request and as you can see, a grand total of 0 replies. This is the one thing that keeps me with mediaportal because mp-tv does this so well but if nobody in charge wants to take the time to do this (which is fair enough) then it seems that it just won't happen.

The best we can do is keep asking about it and making it clear that some people would really appreciate this as an option.

here is another. It's not a skin issue, it's in the core
Unless it's added to the core of XBMC the only way this would probably be possible would be a mess of code that would bloat the skin down I would think. The best thing to do would be make a post in the feature suggestion forum and hope one of the XBMC devs sees it.

Since eden is pretty fresh they are probably looking for new features now more so than fixing bugs so now would be the time to try and get the attention of the people who could make this work.
Ok... I just +1'd Matt's post... Please go over there and do the same so we can give this much needed feature some interest.

Has this been implemented yet? If not, why?
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