Help with Chromium in XBMC
You'll have to pardon my ignorance, as this is my first attempt with XBMC and Linux, so please keep any assistance newb-friendly!

I'm having some difficulty getting Chromium running from within XBMC. I've added Advanced Launcher, but I can't seem to figure out how to open Chromium from it. Here's what I see and what I've tried to do;

When I select Advanced Launcher, I have two choices; Standalone and File Launcher. Selecting either allows me to view the system files, where I navigate through Root>etc>Chromium browser and select default. This opens Application Arguments, and I leave "%rom%" filled out. Then I Set the Title of the Launcher, and put in Chromium. Next, I'm told to Select the Platform, and 15 pages of ROMS are given. I think this is where things start to go off the rails, as I have no clue which ROM to use. After I randomly choose one, I can Select Thumbnails Path and Select Fanart Path, both of which I leave blank. When I select Chromium from Advanced Launcher, the program fails to launch.

If you can tell me where I'm going wrong, I'd be grateful.
There is 2 ways to use Advanced Launcher with Chromium.

If you only want to start Chromium (with the same default page) select Stand Alone launcher. Then select the /usr/bin/chromium as application. Then as parameter you have to indicate -kiosk "" (if you want to open google). For the platform selection it will not really have any effect here (you can select Linux). Platform information if only used by scrapers. Thumbnail and fanart paths will indicate where you will save the Thumbnail and fanart images when you will scrap them.

If you want to open different pages with Chromium select Files Launcher. You need to use short HTML files (redirecting to web pages) as roms. You will found more information here :
Great, I got it working. Thanks for your help Angelscry.
Thanks for this, I was hoping to use it for a native view of the sabnzbd daemon running on another machine. This will do just nicely. I know there's another sabnzbd plugin out there, but with an enabled mobile version of the interface this will be perfect for those just wanting a status.

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