Sluggishness when entering the movie library

I have this annoying sluggishness when entering the movie library which lasts for approximately five to ten seconds or so just after the library has been opened. During this time I can hardly navigate through the library at all, it is very jerky. After that everything is fine and the scrolling is smooth as silk. I have approximately 300 movies in my library, and it seems to be related to the number of items in the library. When entering the TV-shows library, containing about 50 items, everything is smooth from the start.

Its the same regardless of skin. I have tried to delete the moviedb from the userdata folder and rescanned the whole library, but the problem remains.

I have tried to searched the forum but have not find anything related. Anyone else experience this? Any ideas what it could be related to?

Debug log

What hardware do you have?
This problem is in my opinion cpu related. Slower cpu have this problem.

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My hardware is:

Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

OS: Win 7

Everything is localy stored on the same computer.

I have the same problem on htpc where I have P4 on 3Ghz, and on other htpc where c2d E8500 is everything opens instantly.

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Ok, so it seems to be the hardware then. Thanks for your answers.
I noticed when I went into System settings under video if you turn the vertical blank sync to only when video plays instead of always enabled the menu is much smoother. Give it a try.
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With G620 everything works like a charm.

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